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I have a Navy question

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My daughter's first command was as a lieutenant, and she was "captain" or "skipper".
Today, she is the commanding officer for the port of Guam. 
She says "skipper" is legit for her current position as well.

Her hubby is an O6, and "commodore" because he commands multiple communities.

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22 hours ago, Alpo said:

I have heard this, but have no knowledge as to whether it is true. Here we go.


The commander of a ship is the Captain. Even if he is a JG in command of a PT boat, he is the Captain.


If there is another officer on board who's actual rank is Captain, he is given a temporary spoken promotion - Navy Captains referred to as Commodore, and Army, Marine or Air Force Captains referred to as Major. This way there would only be one Captain on the ship.



Truth, or urban legend?


As an Army Lieutenant Colonel, if I were on board a ship and someone referred to me as "Major," I would correct them immediately, and with the bare minimum amount of politeness that military regulation requires.  


In the Army, Air Force, Space Force, and Marine Corps, a Captain is an O3.  In the Navy, a Captain is an O6.  The other services refer to an O6 as a "Colonel."  The O-grade determines standing between one another -- i.e. an O6 always outranks an O3, regardless of the name of the rank or the service.  


I know the one in command of the ship, regardless of rank, is colloquially referred to as "the skipper."  My outsider's perspective is that senior officers are not offended by this somewhat-informal address, even if lower enlisted refer to them as "the skipper."  

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4 hours ago, Tequila Shooter said:

Once had a young Seaman searching for batteries for the sound powered phone, wound up going all the way up to the CO.  The CO was former enlisted and was in on it by the time the kid got up there.


I was party to sending a young sailor on a quest for a Left Handed Allen Wrench. 



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6 hours ago, Wyoma said:

Back in the day when Marines guarded the gates at Navy installations a young PFC called his 1st Lt OD and told him he had a drunk old Navy guy in cuffs in the guard shack.  The 1st Lt asked what his rank was.  The PFC says radarman.  The 1st Lt told the PFC that radarman is not a rank and asked what it said on his ID.  The PFC responded RADM. 

"A Naval officer doesn't drink. If he does drink, he doesn't get drunk. If does get drunk, he doesn't stagger. If he does stagger, he doesn't fall down. If he does fall down, he falls face down with his arms crossed so his rank can't be seen."  --Old Navy Axiom

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