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1873 Short Stroke Runnin' Iron Pair with Engraving - 357 Mag

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Hello Pards,


It's with deep despair I share that I will be out of a job shortly. You may have heard of the new fangled "electronics" retailer that just decided to go belly up after 36 years. Well, that retailer has been my homestead for 15 1/2 years. I'll be running my store I managed till the wagon wheels fall off (which is a couple of weeks left, if I'm lucky). Two small kids means I gotta downsize the toys. 


I bought these from the great Happy Appy, and hate to part with them. 


They are Taylor & Company Uberti 1873's, but not any ordinary 1873's. These are the short stroked, Runnin' Iron models. Not only that, but they have been custom engraved on the handles. They really are beautiful. Case hardened, nice engraving, perfect shooters. Happy said they had some trigger work done (if I recall correctly), but I'm not sure beyond that.


They come in the original boxes with paperwork.


I'm askin' $1350 for the pair. I'll ship to your FFL for $30. Local to Willamette Valley, you pay FFL.


I really don't want to, but, until I get another decent job, I want to have as much in savings as possible. 


Thanks all, appreciate the community. Let me know if my price is out of line, the last few days have been super stressful!


-Trigger Morris/Aaron











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would you be interested in a trade for a first born that's potty trained?

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Ha. My 18 month old and my 2.5 year old is enough for me at this point. Honestly, it’s gonna be more work than Fry’s was. 


Robyn, I’ll send you a message.


Thanks all.

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