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When you give an inch they want miles and miles

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Of course, to me, this brings to mind the recent dropping of the name "Indians" by the Cleveland powers-that-be. No name of a particular tribe to offend, so the whole group of folks, from every tribe, were "offended". 

I have one solution to renaming the Cleveland baseball team. Name them after a motor....call them the Cleveland "Engines". 

Of course, the internal combustion gasoline powered motor has gotten major grief, over the years, so I am sure some environmentalist(s) will object to naming them the "Engines".

I guess it will all end when nothing is named for a mascot, either human, or animal, and the teams will be called by whatever city they represent...unless of course, the city has a name that offends someone, somewhere, somehow. 

We have turned into a nanny/politically correct nation. Everybody is offended, and it is the popular thing now to object...and the owners are all spineless, and eager to not be perceived as anti-anything. 

Don't you get sick and tired of the very few, griping, and getting their way....and worse, the very few that cave to these demands, and act on the gripe of the very few? How many Cleveland fans wanted the name to be dropped? Who cares what they think, they are not politically correct enough to count.  

The reality of it all is that someone, somewhere, somehow, is always going to be offended by something. 








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