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In a stunning announcement from the latest Mars Lander Team, comes word that Canada has already landed on the surface of Mars and built a structure, familiar to all Canadians and essential to Canadian habitation anywhere.

The Mars Rover has not yet reached the site, but early photographic evidence has just been released leading scientists to scrambling to determine how long this structure has been on the surface of Mars and if it is fully operational.

When reached for comment, Canadian officials stated, "Well it's gotta be handy for us wherever we go EH!"

It is not known how long it will take for the Rover will reach the site or if it fully operational.

Canada First On Mars Proof.jpg

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TH has excellent coffee. Not froo-froo stuff, just GOOD coffee.

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1 hour ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

Is Horten’s like Stuckey’s or Waffle  House in the Southern USA?


They could never put a Waffle House on Mars. There is no way any crew could put up with 3 - 3 pack of cigarettes a day waitresses who call everyone "Honey" for a year while they are traveling in the spacecraft.....no way.

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