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WTB 8x56 Mannlicher-Shoenauer rimless

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Howdy Pard


Good thot but that link is for 8X56R, a rimmed cartridge for the Steyr/Hungarian Model 1895 rifles and carbines. Different round from 8X56 Mannlicher Schoenauer rimless cartridge. I own a Model 1895 Hungarian Carbine (it’s a dandy!).


Not sure where brass for the rimless version can be found.  Some European ammo producers might still manufacture it ... but good luck finding them.

Might do an internet search to see if there are means of altering an existing cartridge case. I recall an article yrs ago in “Gun Digest” or a similar publication that gave all manner of ways to form odd cases from conventionally available cases. If, for instance, the 8X56 rimless uses a case similar to the 30-06 family, possibly one of those could be put thru the 8X56 full-length resizing die and trimmed down to fit .


At any rate, good luck getting that old smoke pole back on active duty.




Fort Reno Kid 




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Do you have a case dimension drawing for the brass you are looking for? I have some odd ball stuff (brass and ammo), but don't know what it is. I have calipers to check it it with if you can supply the data. 



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