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WTB 10ga plastic wads

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Hey Marshall:

I've got some around here.

Where in Ohio?
I'm in Cleveland.

What kind of primers do you have to trade?



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10 minutes ago, Costa Rican Kidd said:

Gunbroker has Remington SP 10 ga wads. I have purchased many a bags of 250 each.

Prices are not all that bad either.


You must have bought them all. I have not found any.

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Hey Marshal:.

Found 2 bags of 250 Remington SP 10.

One looks unopened, and one looks to have 25 or so wads missing.

I've had one of these these for a while -- Picked it up at a shoot several years ago.

The opened bag is newer.
My shoulder injuries over the years preclude me from shooting a 10.


I'm thinking $30 + shipping.
Since primers can't be shipped, and won't really be shooting for a couple of months, shipping seems to be a good way, and since it's only a few hundred miles, it should not be too expensive.

Let me know and send me your zip code, and I'll figure shipping.

Paypal or personal check work for me.






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