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Opinion wanted...Cimarron 32-20

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Based on past experience with a Uberti 73 rifle, all will have some issues due to the fact that the bolt and carrier used are designed for the 38/357 cartridges.  My solution was a little smoothing on the chamber bottom. Almost like creating a ramp.  Installing a one piece firing pin. This also improved alignment.  Bullet shape will also make a difference.  Have not experienced any extract issues (except for the usual problem with black powder fouling getting under the extractor).


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KH24 said it clearly, the later ones used the 38/357 bolt.  I have five 32WCF 73's of which four are the very early ones.  They do have a smaller bolt head designed for the smaller case rim .  I have had no problems with neither feeding nor extraction.  The one with the 38/357 head does get carbon under the extractor way more than the early style.  And, it does take some extra "re-fit" care to get an extractor to work right with any replacement extractor on the later bolts.


The statement about dealing with the feed chamfer at the chamber mouth is correct too.  It is also possible to "adjust" the lifter arm so the carrier goes a bit higher so the cartridge better aligns with the chamber.


All in all it isn't a real problem, just some judicious fitting.


Ol'  #4

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I have a Uberti 1873 rifle in 32-20. Everything said previously is correct. The only issue I had was a jamming problem that was caused by the mortise in the slot behind the carrier not being angled, and the cartridge rim would catch on the edge when lifiting and jam. I had the mortise edge angled and removed. Not a problem since. I also added one of those 38-357 fiber magazine tube liners to the magazine tube since Uberti uses the 45 Colt diameter magazine tube for all rifle calibers. Might be okay for the 38/357 but the 32-20 is alot skinnier so I just figured I'd add it to narrow the tube diameter a bit.

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Best to call Cimmaron to determine if 32-20 is built using 38 Spl/357 components.  If so, the issues are

*. Magazine tube too large, creates round slop entering the cartridge slop

*. Cartridge stop will not properly hold the non chambered cases in place causing lifter jambs

*. Bottom of chamber will need to be cut on the bottom to allow round not jamming when chambering

* Right side cartridge will either need to be shimmed or properly tightened to guide the round into the chamber holding it correctly positioned on the carrier

If they say all components are 32-20 and one has issues ... save your invoice and send it back for a refund

Or buy a Rossi 92 and do the modifications including a new 32-20 cartridge stop.  The other mods are easy, I did them to my Rossi when I modified a 38 to 32-20

A new Cimmaron is $1500 and a Rossi is about $500 or buy a used Winchester 32-20 for $1100 to $1200

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16 hours ago, John Boy said:


 buy a used Winchester 32-20 for $1100 to $1200


I'd say do this.  :)

I have 3 .32-20 rifles.   A Winchester 73, a Winchester 92, and a Colt Lightning.   None of them have ever given me a lick of trouble.  (Well, the 92 was missing a screw that held in the mag tube, and I discovered that the hard way, but once it was replaced, no problems)


I also have a 1st and a 3rd generation Colt SAA in the caliber.  Again, no problems.


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I bought a Uberti (Cimarron) in '10-11 and no issues except that big .45 cal. mag tube. After about the 7-8th cartridge it got really hard to push them in. I bought a 32-20 mag tube , spring and follower from Homestead parts and epoxied it in the 45 cal tube. A little minor fitting and it works great. If they had the carbon fiber mag tube 38/357 insert ,,, I didn't know about it.


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