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Contacting Arizona Custom Grips

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Does anyone know how to contact Arizona Custom Grips other than through eBay?


They seem to be reasonably priced, have good reviews, but I am looking for something slightly more “customized” than their posted offerings.


They show some nice aged oak grips and some one-piece that will fit my pistols, but I prefer no medallions and was hoping they could do some custom engraving when checkering the grips.



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azcustomgrips@gmail.com is the email address they used to reply to me.  I had them do a custom set of magnatusk fitted to my first gen colt SAA.  I had to send them the back strap and trigger guard and they made a special set. 

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I've been communicating with them through eBay, as I too want some new grips for my Pietta revolvers. It looks like they offer grips with no medallion on all of their offerings. They are also willing to shape the grips to your liking it would seem... I mentioned that I have big meat hooks, and they offered to make the grips larger since they were already going to do a custom fitting.


FWIW, I've been a member on eBay for many, many years and never had any issues. Even if you don't use it often, it can come in handy.



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