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Zastava M70 pistol in 32. ACP

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I picked this little guy up on Friday, the same day I got a 1903 Colt Hammerless from a pard on here.


I got this Zastava M70 pistol for about $270 and decided it’s going to be my carry when I take my ccw course in April. I was going to carry the Colt, but that deserves the antique treatment and a cozy life.


In one of the pictures below you can see the cheap plastic target sight put on it to pass the import points system. I see some suggestions online to try to find the rear dovetail to put back on. In case I can’t, are there any other sight suggestions?





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10 minutes ago, Muley Gil SASS # 57795 said:

Considering how low the front sight is,  if you are handy with tools, you can modify a Colt 1911 rear sight to fit the dovetail.

I could probably find 1911 sights a lot easier than I could another M70 or Tokarev.

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If the Zastava is going to be your EDC, a front sight high enough to use with that rear sight doesn't seem to be a good idea.


With what you've got there and the most common use of a self-defense gun, you'd probably be better off just getting rid of the sights altogether. It wouldn't make you feel all warm with tight groups at 15 yards, but a bit of practice just aiming along the top of the slide and you shouldn't have too much problem with making center-of-bad-guy at 7.


EDit to clarify -- you'd be better off just using the slide, if you can't get a rear sight that works with the front sight.

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