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For you 45//70 experts info requested

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After a week and a half of below zero days and 4 or 5more to go.   No casting or reloading to do.   Set the cleaning and sorting gear.    I have 2 boxes of 45/70 reduced capacity brass.   Box says Gaintwist Barrel Co.   Rifle Works and Armory   113W Yellowstone Ave,    Cody, Wy   Limited instructions say light load such as 23 grs  IMR 4198 with a 405 lead.    The  cases are very heavy.  The neck is normal but 1/2 inch down it jumps down to approx 5/16" hole  to the flash hole..    Think they were combined with Ballard and another company      Any help or interest      GW

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7 minutes ago, Rafe Conager SASS #56958 said:

G.w, didn't you ask this question in 2018? I was doing a search since I have never heard of this before and came across this 




Yup that was me.  New people wander in over time and find more about them      GW

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Well, yeah, that would certainly be a reduced capacity case.    I have no data for that case, so I would suggest you try the load that the instructions called out.  :o  You sure can't seat a bullet very far into the neck.  


You sure they are worth messing with and worth FOREVER keeping clearly separated from your other 45-70 cases?    Now that Trail Boss is available for a reduced load in standard 45-70, these cases are obsolete by all measures I would consider.


Collector value probably exceeds functional value...


Good luck, GJ

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