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my 9 year old girl and Gomer Pyle

Trigger Mike

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My 9 year old daughter not only insist on watching Gomer Pyle when it comes on every week night at 9pm, but she insist we turn it to that channel long before it comes on so we won't miss it and if it is a long while until it comes on, that we watch recording of it.  The only show she watches more is "My Little Pony"

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Well, she knows what she likes. :D


When I was a kid I was all hung up on detective movies and shows but on Saturday nights there was “Chiller Theatre” with Bill Cardill as host. I would do anything to make sure I saw that show. I convinced my Nanny (grandmother) that I should mow her lawn late in the day Saturday and that I should spend the night with her because I knew she would let me stay up and watch that show. In the wintertime I needed to be there early Sunday morning to clear her sidewalk in case she needed to go to church. ;)



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I read a couple of Months ago . That Jim Nabors had a hard time watching the beginning of the programs.

That was a real platoon he was marching with. He got to know them . 

Most of them were lost in nam .

I went thru Boot Camp in MCRD San Diego .

When i was on the parade deck , i thought this is just kike Gomer Pyle .

In 2022 July 11 th . I plan on going to MCRD . It will be 50th anniversary since i started Boot Camp.

Platoon 1086 .

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