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A friend of mine has a Pietta 1851 Navy cap & ball revolver.

I have an Uberti 1851 cap & ball revolver. I was over at his house, and had my Uberti with me, and he had the Pietta out as well. I had given him a set of slick-shot cones (nipples), to put on his Pietta. 

I got to looking at them, and placed my Uberti over the Pietta. 

The grip frame, near the bottom of the frame, is flared out more on the Pietta, than on the Uberti.

Is the "flare", on the grip frame, just with this particular revolver, or is this "flair" common to 1851 Pietta's?

I did not have my Uberti 1860 Army, with me, to compare it to his Pietta 1860 Army. I wonder if that model as a "flair" as well??? 


I never noticed it before, until I had the 1851's together, side by side. It is not all that evident, unless I have my Uberti there to compare.


I wonder...which of the two is more accurate to the original '51 Colt Navy design???? 

Not having an original 1851 Colt, I can't make a comparison.


I own two Pietta's. One is the Starr single action cap & ball revolver, and the other is a Remington New Model Army (erroneously called the "1858"). 

I have not noticed a flair on either of those models, and did checked them against my Uberti. 


I do have a "flair" on my Euroarms Rogers & Spencer revolver, but that is a whole different design, and not made by Pietta. 






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dualist1954 [Mike Belavue (sp?)] has a video on YouTube titled “Modifying the Pietta 1851 Navy Grip Frame” where he states that the Pietta does have a flare at the rear base of the grip that is not pro typical of the Colt Navy. He shows how to rework the frame to make it more conventional. Sorry I can’t post the web address, but you can type the title into your search engine and it should find it for you.



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I think their brass framed Colt clones have a similar flair. Obvious question would be why. 

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Depends.  No, not the "Depends" inna plastic package.  Depends on how old your Pietta is.  Older production Pietta "Navy" grips had a pronounced "flair" at the bottom of the grip.  I liken'd it to a "Trombone Bell."  New(er) production Pietta Navy grips are much closer to Colt pattern '51 Grip shape.

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