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Winchester 97 Takedown Extension Tool

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I have a '97 with a worn Takedown Extension.  (see pictures) 


I was able to get the broken Extension off of the gun. 


I also have a parts gun with a nearly pristine extension.  I cannot get this off the parts gun.  I have been researching and have found that there is a CNC'ed jig available to specifically remove this Takedown Extension as this part can be easily bent.  I cannot find anywhere that sells these jigs.  Does anyone know where I can find one of these? 


Much obliged ,







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Get a slip and lock-nut wrench.  If you don't know what it is just google it, and get the adjustable kind.  Then get thick plastic tubing that you can cut and fit over the "jaws" of the wrench, and you'll have a tool that you can adjust to the size of the extension and that can give you the leverage you need to get most of those off.  On a lot of old '97's you will see evidence of the other tool old-timers used to loosen a tight extension - a series of large indentations on the frame and extension produced by a ball peen hammer.

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7 hours ago, Dakota Brown said:

Safest, fastest and easiest way to accomplish the job.


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