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Ides of March - S.A.S.S. 2021 Florida State Championship 3-18-21 - 3-21-21

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Thanks you so much to dogmeat and little feathers can’t say thank you enough for all the hard work you guys did at the shoot off it was good to see you guys. Bucky

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21 hours ago, Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L said:


Only disadvantage to having AM/PM posse's is that sometimes you miss seeing folks you have planned on seeing.  I had hoped we would have been able to link up for a few minutes, but it just didn't work out.  I spotted you once through the crowds on Friday, but we were heading opposite directions, and again at the Awards banquet, but when I finished my conversation, you were off to the races somewhere.  No doubt, we will meet again.  Same with Preacherman, but since you guys were on the same posse, that's not surprising.


Sometimes however, you get to see folks you didn't expect to see too.  Ran into a few pards from New York that we hadn't seen in over 3 years, Rowdy Bill and Anabelle Bransford, that were down for the match as well as a couple of "New Floridians", transplants from up our way, Hand Cannon and Side Saddle Sue, and it's been at least that long since we saw them as well.  We also got to shoot with Red Cavanaugh from VA whom we haven't seen in many a moon, all down in Florida for some fun in the sun.  Also bumped into Sixgun Seamus and his better half Cayenne Kay, which is funny because we live closer to each other than the drive we make to meet up here in Florida.

We also had a nice visit with some of our Florida Pards, Colonel Kraken and Sassy Slitherin, Smart * and Sunshine Rose, and of course Greta Dee!  I got to officially meet Arcadia Outlaw on setup day and quite a few others as well and of many of the Florida Regulars, Delta Glenn, Santa Fe River Stan, Bucky Buckskin, JP Law, Confederate Colt, Hollifer A. Dollar, and of course The Outlaw Travis James.


I also got to shake Mudslide Mike’s hand again (hoping that some of that speed and skill will rub off on me), but that apparently didn’t work because he whipped me by an average of 11.552 seconds per stage!  :o  I also meet Big Iron Bohannon who managed to barely edge me out for 2nd place in FCGF by a measly 66.77 seconds.  :rolleyes:  (For those that don't know, Big Iron runs the Make Black Powder Great Again match in Indiana in May, which we are already signed up to attend.  Gonna Be Great!)


I was somehow reminded of that scene in Quigley Down Under where the young gun slinger is practicing his fast draw and asks the main bad guy Marsden


     Young Gunslinger: “If I practice, do you think I will ever be as fast as you Mr. Marsden?”
     Marsden: “You mean, like a lot?”

     Young Gunslinger – excitedly: “Yes, a lot!”

     Marsden: “No.” 





On Side Match day, Lil and I ran head to head three times for "braggin rights", and to be honest, she won 2 out of 3.  First time, I kept forgetting to cock the hammers on my SXS and she blew by me.  :blush:  Second time, I failed to reload my shotgun belt, ran out of ammo, but waited until she loaded her last two before I "borrowed one" from her belt (with her permission of course - she was holding a loaded gun after all!) to take down my last target :rolleyes:.  Third time, I won handily, but by then our shotgun barrels where too hot to touch having run almost a box of shells through each of them.  Didn't help that my left hand must have had a lobotomy since Dark Day on the Santa Fe, which was our last match, and couldn't seem to remember what it was supposed to do, but that’s why we ran it, to knock the rust off.  Besides, it was fun!


Lil ran off at that point to attend an online class, and I hung out with the Top Guns at the man on man challenge to see "How It's Supposed To Be Done".  Those Guys Are Fast!  When Lil finished her class, we went and wasted some ammo on the Derringer Side Match and then off to visit Dynamite Deed at the "Not-So-Speedy" Pistol side match to see if I could re-educate my brain dead left hand.  It got a little smarter, but I still think it needs a brain transplant.


The weather for the main match could not have been better, and Posse 14 was Fantastic.  Thanks to Amaduelist and Deadwood Woody who, with an assist from Lead Pusher, kept everything running smooth as silk.  Got to meet Owl Eyed Olga who is a Hoot, and a dang fast brass picker too!  Could not have asked for a better group of folks to shoot with, it was great.  I really enjoyed the stages and saw a few new twists on some familiar sequences due to the way they set the targets, and as a match director myself, I like when that happens.


The banquet was great, food was good, folks at the Elk’s Club where perfect hosts, and as usual, Greta Dee did a great job getting the huge pile of awards out in an efficient manner.  While I am sad to see her retire as Match Director, I look forward to seeing her out on the stages having some well-earned, and much deserved FUN!  Glad I got my HUG while she was still Match Director!


I think I will close this with a comment made by a pard of mine who shot the match this year for the first time.  He said “The facility was wonderful, the stages were great, and the Hospitality of the folks was Top Notch.”  What else does anyone need to know!  Can’t wait for next year!


P.S. To the kind soul who found and turned in my Shooters Badge to the lost and found, THANK YOU!  I managed to snag it on something on stage 7, our next to last stage, and just about rip it completely off.  I thought there was enough glue there to hold it through stage 8, but it apparently didn't make it.  Don't know if I lost it there or on the way back to the truck, but it was gone when I went to leave.  Figured I would go back in the AM on Sunday after Cowboy Church, but it was there waiting for me in the lost in found.  Who say's God doesn't watch over fools and children!  ;)



So glad you guys made it down.  It was fun chatting with you guys on side match day.  And thank you so much for all your work on both days picking up brass for the shootoffs.  Lil did a great job separating brass and Rocky was thankful yesterday for it.  Hope to see you guys soon.  

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