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SPF: Near complete 45LC rig WILL SHIP


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I'm selling my backup rig in 45LC along with some reloading supplies to help a new shooter out.  I will *n-o-t* sell to merchants looking to scalp, so please don't even ask or post. I am not interested in breaking up the rig at this time, but at some point I might consider if there's no interest.


I purchased this rig in 2019 from someone that bought the gear in 2008 and only used it a few times, and I'd like to pass it on to a new shooter. I have his original receipts, owners manuals and literature for the guns. All items are in used condition with minor cosmetic blemishes. As noted below, the rifle does need some work.


Asking $4200 + shipping costs to your FFL, which I think is a very fair price and absolutely no mark-up off retail/what I paid. In today's market, you would likely pay well over $5,000 for all of this. Also willing to do local pickup.  DM me for options.


All weapons ship separately. Primers cannot be shipped (local pickup only). Shipping cost estimates that will be added to $4200:

  • $175 required overnight shipping on pair of pistols
  • $75 shipping for rifle
  • $75 shipping for shotgun
  • $50 for all other items


Your FFL will charge fees for each gun, which are additional costs not included here.





Please read carefully and post any questions here. I am happy to post more pictures of individual items upon request.


1. Cimarron Uberti 1873 Deluxe Short rifle 20" full octagon 45LC - According to the original owner, as best I can recall, the rifle had some work done on it before I acquired it, but I'm not sure what short stroke kit is installed. I had Boomstick clean,  polish the internals, and check everything out in fall 2019.  It was running great until last summer when it had a safety bar snag up.  I took it to a local cowboy gunsmith who repaired that and also lightened up the main spring and tuned the trigger pull to about 3.5lb.  When I last shot the rifle (months ago), I noticed it was having occasional light primer hits. So, it will need to be inspected by a gunsmith to get it ready for shooting. Otherwise this has been an extremely consistent and reliable rifle while I used it.  See https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/1873-deluxe-short-rifle-45-colt-20-oct-barrel.html


2. Cimarron Evil Roy Colt SAA 4 3/4" (x2) - These revolvers are beautiful and shoot VERY fast for a SAA. Never been worked on outside of what Evil Roy did to them at the factory.  See https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/evil-roy-comp-sa-4-3-4-45-lc-4-3-4-in-ER4100.html


3. Spartan Baikal SPR220 12 gauge sxs - A solid work horse sxs, never failed me.  These seem to be hard to find lately. See https://www.remington.com/firearm-history/spr-220


4. Mernickle shotgun belt - 12 gauge/45LC size 36


5. 1,000+ polymer coated 160-grain 45LC bullets by scarlett


6. 1,000+ lead/lubed 200-grain 45LC bullets by Outlaw Bullets


7. Four MTM Case Guard 100's (for 44-45 sized)


8.  2 MTM universal loading blocks


9. 900 Federal LP primers 150 (pickup only)


10. About 25 rounds of loaded 45LC for practice - 160gr 4.2 gr titegroup


The only things you should need are cowboy clothes, pistol belt, powder, a loading press and some dies.

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Very nice kit.

To the top.

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I shoot the exact same set-up for CAS. I have never been disappointed,or thought I needed "better" equipment. In fact,I wish I could shoot as well as my rig is capable of.

Good luck with your sale.

Choctaw Jack

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For any new shooter that’s trepidatious about that rifle I’m betting the main spring either needs tightened or at worst replaced.  even if you have to put a new one in it’s VERY easy to do and costs about $15

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I have seen this rig in action and it works and is fast at least in Vidette's hands I am old and fat :-) and SLOW. All top quality!


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I am new to the SASS world and looking at gear now. Question, what payment options are you accepting? Would you ship to a FFL in Texas?

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@Robyn Goldwe would need to do personal check or money order .  I’d consider shipping at this point, especially to help a new shooter. The only catch is I can’t ship primers by law. Shipping costs on my side and FFL fees on your side on 4 guns will add significantly to the price. DM me if you’d like to explore further. 

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ok thank you, I don't think I have the cash to do that without using my CC so I may have to wait. I will watch this though and if its still around when I scrape it all together I will certainly reach out again :)

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  • vidette changed the title to FS: Near complete 45LC rig WILL SHIP
1 hour ago, vidette said:

bump - willing to ship

Hopefully you are also willing to wait. This is a good deal, and in a few months I would consider this collection as an addition to my stable (stretching the definition of newbie and that is a lot of scratch to get together).


But even if my funds get resolved, I would still like you to get this setup to  'pard with no gear yet at all.


I'm in more than this amount already on my setup and more to go with reloading and I do not regret any of it, but is is a lot to get together all at once. Hopefully you can give a new pard some time.


Also, for new 'pard... Go to some shoots, borrow some guns, make sure this setup is what you would like. And If you find some part of it is not right for you, offer at least those pieces forward to the next new 'pard. Some of my stable came in pieces from others helping me get started. And a small number of those pieces have moved forward in that light.

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  • vidette changed the title to SPF: Near complete 45LC rig WILL SHIP


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