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WTB pair 38-40 Vaqueros

Copenhagen Kid

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Pretty scarce item, but there is one, ONE, on Gunbroker right now w/both cylinders - 4 5/8" stainless. Only 674 made.


FYI, if you don't know - Ruger inexplicably made the .38-40 cylinders with undersize chamber mouths, about .395 - .396", so a properly sized bullet may not chamber. I borrowed a chamber reamer from *somebody* here several years ago and opened my three up. The .40 S&W cylinders are fine. Same with the Buckeye Blackhawk .38-40's. Most reloading dies won't set the shoulder back quite far enough to fully chamber either, but a few thousandths off the die mouth with a lathe or even some careful grinding solves that.

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