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H & R Handi Rifle .45-70 govt. Sold Pending Funds

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1599011200_HandiRifle.thumb.JPG.75dd6ebd6b35e1ec9d143875ba0f47d9.JPG2075625847_HandiRifletaps.thumb.JPG.9c002000f375fe89520a464ee080ffa7.JPGHere is an H&R Handi Rifle for sale chambered in .45-70 govt.

 I bought this to begin long range shooting  ,and , even with just the buckhorn sights  ,   I've been able to hit the Quiggly bucket (250 yds.) at Yuma at least once out of three shots , offhand ,in the past couple of years.

I'm told that with a tang sight on these guns they are very accurate out to about 300 yards.

This gun was new when I bought it and I have shot less than 90 rounds through it. 

My Sharps rifle is on the way to my FFL and I thought that this should go to a new long range shooter that might want to mount a tang sight on it.

I also understand that this gun can now be used in some states where ,formerly, only shotgun slugs were allowed.

It is tapped for a scope mount  if you want to go deer/elk hunting with it.

  $400 plus shipping1495658292_HandiRifleBore.thumb.JPG.38d6a6acb2907d052bf600a921675f46.JPG


Thanks for looking

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price change/sold
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It's yours City Dude !

I'll PM you where to send the gold and a copy your your FFL  .


   X    Mark

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