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Another WTC from shoot yesterday

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Stage had two pistol targets, instructions were to double tap each target.  Shooter drew first pistol double tapped target one, double tapped target two, moved pistol back to target one and fired a squib, bullet did not leave the gun and impact target one.  Shooter grounded pistol one, drew pistol two and double tapped target one, double tapped target two and finished with a single tap on target one.  What's the call?

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One miss. 

Shooter could have reloaded one round in operational pistol and completed the sequence with a double tap on the last target to maintain a clean match. 

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One miss


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See also: http://www.oowss.com/SASS Rules Docs/Reload choices (edit Aug 2018).pdf


They had 4 options


1) Re-engage the same target and reload another round in the second revolver for the last target = NO penalty

2) Re-engage the same target and take the MISS on the last target of the shooting string instead.

3) Move on to the next target & NOT reload = MISS only for the unfired round.

4) Move on to the next target; reload & return to the skipped target = Procedural for HITTING the targets out of order (but no misses).


They chose option 2. Give 'em 1 miss.

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Shooter was given one miss.  Shooter did not know he could have loaded another round in the operational pistol and finished the sequence.  He had a clean match up to that point which was at the last stage.  The spotters and TO discussed if it was a P and a miss because he engaged target one three times even though one was a squib and then didn't shoot the last target with two rounds.  The RO was called over and gave clarification of what the call should be.  I am a very new shooter and am glad to know what to do in that situation. 

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23 minutes ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:

This is a good example of "a miss cannot cause a procedural".
REF: SHB p.21

Also: "Miss Flow Chart" p.40 



There's a doosey building on fb today!!

It's getting to where folks are disecting the call with a microscope!

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