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Ruger Birdshead grip panels

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I recently had a set of Ruger birdshead grip frames added to my pistols. I'm not a big fan of the flare on the bottom of the stock grips. I'm shooting the guns ok but the grip feels chunky and not real natural. I have been all over the web and seen slim line grips but many pictures are flat and it's hard to tell what you are getting. Some places I have called and some are web only and it's much harder to communicate.


So you folk that have them what do you think and can you give me any advice? Thanks 

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I am interested in this post and responses.

My "new" Ruger .32 Birdheads are thick.  I am considering thinner options.

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I once considered putting BH grip frames on my Rugers for Jirafa to use. I was going to ask Tucker T. Fudpucker about making slim grip panels out of giraffe bone.  I bet he could make panels in the material and profile of your choice.


Buy local!

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19 hours ago, Manchester said:

Altamont offers a “slim” birdshead grip.  

No firsthand experience with ‘em.  



they may be what you have pictured. 


I just ordered a set for my b/hs; but they are talking 9-10 weeks for delivery.


I'll let you know how they look when they come in.



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