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0903-0905 2021 TX State WB Championship

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(I've posted this of course on the WB Forum, but we'd like to get the info to those who may not request that forum).


Ready to channel your inner Pike, Dutch or even Lyle or Techtor Gorch?

The Texican Rangers will host the 2021 Texas Wild Bunch State Championships over Labor Day weekend, September 3 - 5, 2021.  We will host this match at the Stieler Ranch, located between Comfort and Fredericksburg, Texas.

Friday will be side matches, including but not limited to BAMM, GAMM, Blazing Saddles, fastest pistol, etc. The main match will consist of 12 stages of WB over Saturday and Sunday.

We will conduct WB matches the 2nd Saturday of every month, and we invite everyone to come enjoy a match with us.  Dry camping is available, and we conduct cowboy church 20 minutes or so before the match.

To further develop interest in Wild Bunch, we will host a Wild Bunch clinic on Saturday, March 13 for anyone interested in trying WB.  It is designed to not only familiarize new shooters in the operations, functions, and quirks of the 1911, but also to build a real knowledge of Wild Bunch competition rules, strategies, and competitive tips to smoothly and successfully transition CAS shooters into another SASS competitive offering.  This course is one hour classroom and the remaining time on the range conducting live fire training drills. Sunday, we will host a 5 stage match to give a little experience in what an actual match entails.

More information to follow, and please check our website (texicanrangers.org) for updates and applications. We would ask the Club POCs get this to their members as time permits.

Please call or write me with any questions 210-310-9090.

We look forward to seeing you!

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