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How many grains of Goex FFFG in ROA's?

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I be wondering what's goin on?  My ROAs hold a lot more powder than that. You know you gots enough when you cant push the ball far enough down that it sticks out the front and you cain't turn the cylinder.

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I shoot black powder cartridge at pretty much every annual I attend (and have for several years now) and so I realized before I popped the question that any amount of black powder from 15 grains (or maybe lower) up to 40 grains (or maybe higher) would get the job done.  However, I wanted to avail myself of the expert knowledge of my fellow cap & ball shooters and possibly save myself a few headaches.  I greatly appreciate all of your responses and sharing of your hard-earned knowledge with me.


ps: this probably won't be my last questions...

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I used my ROA to shoot a muzzle loading RIFLE match yesterday. The animal shaped silhouette targets were set from 45 yards (black birds) to 100 yards (rams). I started off with 25 grains and immediately switched to 40 grains of 3F Goex. I didn’t hit many targets, but did not come in last place! A miss is a miss, but I was impressed how well the ROA performed. 


I will be shooting my rifle next month. :lol:

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Howdy Possum:D, the Dick Dastardly Tower of Power is a popular cylinder stand. And (IIRC) he has a rebated Big Lube mold for ROA. Wow, it's been a while since I visited the Darksiders Den:wacko: The Darksider's Den (cascity.com)  Good Luck:)

Welcome to BigLube.com



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