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Creative Restaurant Seating

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That wouldn't fly here in Nevada. 

Our KING has decreed that there only be 25% occupancy.


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Yes we can’t eat in a super well ventilated restaurant with half the seating removed here....it’s unsafe.  

Put up a non ventilated rental tent outside with no windows or vents and moist, humid non circulated air when you enter and pack as many people in as possible....and that is safe :)  the wisdom of our governor is truly inspirational, but I’m not sure I’ll ever reach his ability to not breathe with his head so far up his ass.

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im more than tewn years over 60 but my wife would make me climb those stairs - its good exercise 


having a good friend in a wheel chair - quad- that has a great outlook on life but a real keen perception on what is accessible has given me a new understanding on why the laws exist , dumb part of it is most accommodations would make things better for all of us , the two foot bathroom door in my homes half bath is a PITA when i carry cleaning items in to keep it spiffy - wont work at all for my friend , i have an old house 

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When I was a kid we would eat a half dozen times a year in SF China Town.  I still remember a restaurant on a side street of Grant.  It had 4 or 5 stories with only a couple of tables on each floor.

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