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M113 in North Africa

Trigger Mike

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I was watching a movie called The Battle of El Alemein this morning that was made in 1968.  It has several Italian actors.   


As the British launch their attack on the Italian army, several M113 Armored personnel carriers showed up.   


I knew they were old but didn't know they were that old.

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LoL. Panzer! 


M60 tank in scene.... gotta love actors. 

Director talking to clapped out vietnam era broken down crippled up veteran-


"OK Mr Tank: I know you want more parts and diesel fuel. They will be waiting after the shooting of theses scenes.... but I need you to pull it together and give me that bold icon of military might you showed ne at the casting call...."


M60 tank:  " That casting call was 6 months ago, I was desperate and forgotten about. I had to ride all those equipment trailers and had to have every single human actor up in my cupola. All this makeup gets slathered on me every day. I have had every mechanic curse at me in three languages. The rust scabs on my barrel had to be covered over by this pathetic prosthetic. You have me wearing a metric ton of plywood!  It is chafing my road wheels! You want me to cross boggy fields with rubber roadway  tracks on... Shift gears and act mean. IM A LIFE LONG COLD WAR PEACE KEEPER! And you never told me at the casting that Id be playing the roll of the 3rd Reichs military boner.... Look.... I WILL finish these scenes, but you need to find me a competent 60 yo Saudi or Egyptian mechanic,  and lots of mixed specialty parts if you want me to finish this film in this roll. " 



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