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SKB value and foreseen value

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I know it’s hard to say what these shotgun values will bring but is it safe to say they will only go up?

I have two I’m putting up for sale locally only, probably, but really clean nice no blemishes. Both are labeled model 100’s 

1 is plain

The other has engraving and wide foreend

Is the latter worth anymore?


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I don't know, I gave $350 for my plain 100 with a Splinter forearm. I looked a lot but never found another for that price. I think I gave Roughneck Rod $1200 for a 200 with a mechanical trigger conversion. This was probably 5 or 6 years ago so I'm sure they have gone up.



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2 hours ago, Dirty Dan Dawkins said:


Is the latter worth anymore?



It would be worth more to me while the other would be worth more to someone who likes the splinter forend.  That's a smart aleck way of saying they're worth whatever someone will pay for them. 


As far as book value?  I've never found book value to be of much value. ;)

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2 hours ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

If they're in good shape with no cracks in the stocks Fast Eddie will probably buy both of them.

Bet he would, and perhaps any of the reputable SKB smiths.  Heck, tiny cracks are pretty common in buys of these fine shotguns.  If they don't have one, they will probably get one after some serious use.

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Mostly the future price of SKBs will depend on the future of cowboy shooting.   If you devote effort to supporting and growing the sport, then the future value of the guns needed will likely continue to increase.


Now, what do you need in the way of a 2027 World Series winner or a Dow Jones 2032 projection?  Perhaps I can set the time machine that far forward......


 Good luck, GJ



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