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Edit Classified topic as SOLD?


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31 minutes ago, Taos said:

I can't figure out how to edit a topic I posted.  I sold a shotgun through Classified and need to edit it as SOLD.



No problem, here's how to do it.


1.)  Open your ad using the "Edit" link at the bottom of your original post.


Edit Stoeger 20ga SS - SASS Wire Classifieds - SASS Wire Forum_ - forums.sassnet.com.jpg


2.)  Scroll up to your Topic Heading and change it to SOLD


Edit Topic - SASS Wire Forum - forums.sassnet.com.jpg


3.)  Then go down to the bottom of your ad and click "Edit Topic".   


Edit Topic 2 - SASS Wire Forum - forums.sassnet.com.jpg  




Hope this helps,


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I'm sorry Eliphalet, either I can't figure out how to get to the original post, or I just do not see the "Edit Topic" button on the bottom.

I think I'm not getting to the original post, the post I see has the responses from others below my post.


Sorry to be such a pain, guess I'm not very good at this stuff.

Thanks again

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I was never told specifically why the poster doesn't have permission delete a post; but, I have an "educated guess." Permissions determine what different categories of posters can see and do. For example, Grass Range, you and I are Members, we cannot see or post on certain forums, like the RO Committee forum.


Moderators are the only people with permission to delete posts. Usually, they will only hide them from user view in case a question occurs later. An example, is a repeat offender who had a post that goes against the guidelines. It may be so rude that it is hidden; but not deleted.


In the Classified forum, people like to see what things sold for. So, they are just edited to have SOLD in the title. They will eventually be archived and disappear from view on the forum.


Sometimes, a Moderator will delete a duplicate post, on request, it it has no comments.

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Continuity of threads is the reason mosts sites do not allow post self-deletion.


Editing window varies on different sites, almost all give some window to edit posts. This ranges from a few minutes to days, and some sites allow it "forever."


There are reasons for each philosophy.

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