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SOLD: Black Colt Faro "Double Strong Side" Rig


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FS:  A very nice, very thick Colt Faro Rig.  Gun have been in the holsters, so I guess you'd call them "gently used".   They have not been to a match yet.

The fit Colts or New Vaqueros with barrels up to 5-1/2" inches.  Comes with attached screw knife sheath.

They have belt keepers so the holsters won't rise when the guns are drawn.   The bucket mouths have a funnel shape for sure, safe holstering.

Steel lining in the holster shanks keep the gun grips angled away from the body for a consistent grip presentation.

These are "top of the line" holsters.

Border Tooled, Black Suede Lined Belt has 8 holes, 46" to 53-1/2".  50" to center hole.

375.00 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to USA... that's a bargain, I paid much more than this and haven't used it.






429113281_DSC_0346a.JPG.0417cfc75dbac2440e80cf51d833ac95.JPG  698864062_DSC_0347a.JPG.708c41b06172c2fddfbd8975e40be9ce.JPG  681108345_DSC_0348a.JPG.acf23ec2d585e6a7ee2e4124f9e466bf.JPG  354070665_DSC_0349a.JPG.f89f2d37a6f0a95a5877f3373f84393c.JPG  748640709_DSC_0350a.JPG.aba3f349f5acbabffc922ad48e59a31a.JPG  464360859_DSC_0351a.JPG.81e2b4a7ea680d0028b078994a028338.JPG





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Buckles included?????  ;)

That's the only way I'll get one.

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12 minutes ago, Jack Spade said:

I'll take em! 

Sent you a PM

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Jack Spade, you got one heck of a deal! 2nd in line if it don’t work out!


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