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All Spoke for, Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!














I've been straightening up my Ammo Closet and ran across a little bit of Loaded Ammo that I forgot I had...

It was loaded about 10 years ago and has been indoors in the back of my ammo closet since then.

It's Good Stuff, I had shot several thousand rounds of this ammo before I sold the '73 Carbine I was using it in.

Since some folks are having a hard time coming up with Ammo for Matches I figured somebody could make good use of it.


So here it is....

Looks like about 170 rounds of 38 WCF (thats 38/40)

Loaded with 4.6 gr of Titegroup under a 180 gr cast bullet with Winchester Primers in mostly Starline Brass.


FTF here in N Texas.... 

FREE if you plan to Shoot It...... Otherwise NFS!


I'll be at the TinHorns this weekend.. weather permitting...  PM me B)







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Really ???? 

Well how bout if I Give it away... Any Rules 'bout That?

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I have a rifle a pistol in that caliber and would be more than happy to cover shipping if he was going to ship. 


A kind offer, someone down his way should take him up on it


I wonder if you have any brass or bullets to sell?


Btt no matter what 

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33 minutes ago, Goody, SASS #26190 said:

Such a deal! I might have to go out and by a rifle in the caliber to shoot it up!


Goody, I'd loan you a rifle and even Pay your entry fee if'n you'd do that...... :D


Ghost, Shippin' is a hassle, especially if it's reloads.... It'll find a home.

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