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SOLD: JM Leather Gun Rig

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FS:  Very lightly used, lined gun belt and holsters.  Made by Johnny Ross at JM Leather

Black with nickel silver spots and border tooling.  Holsters fit New Vaqueros or Colts and repros, with barrels up to 5-1/2"

Based off of his Cowboy Comp II with top of grip just below top of belt, and "belt lock for a solid platform".

Lined holsters of double layer of 6/7 oz. of premium leather.  15 degree Muzzle Forward design with narrow skirt. 

Pictures show the holster with a New Vaquero and a Colt, (not included :D)

Belt is 55" to center hole, with 5 holes from 53" to 58" 

$350. includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to the USA




444911895_DSC_0342A.JPG.e97acfe40f64ece012baaeb41fa3cce7.JPG  1507530818_DSC_0331(A).JPG.9ec33e5df9c1aa428b89756867602348.JPG  1502463203_DSC_0333(A).JPG.af0cb6c269907d9939130d76bec0f97e.JPG  1563065045_DSC_0339A.JPG.971a6c6729114ab5c38555ec7c3f3a7c.JPG  1768272933_DSC_0336(A).JPG.15a770b3b792999609ce105797f3ad0d.JPG  1494600044_DSC_0343A.JPG.6e6cb86edd130b4abd12a0b482acb9ad.JPG



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