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WTB #41 shellplate for hornady reload press

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You might want to consider finding another 45 Colt or a 44 mag shellplate and a  then a little  careful use of a Dremel tool.  Some manufactures make their shellplates so loose they fit .45 colt, 44 Mag and 45 Scofield. Dillon plates allow 45 Colt and S&W to work Some companies show 38 Special and 38 S&W with  the same holder as do some with 9mm and 38 Super. Even  all Hornady shellplates are not the same. I have one 38 Special plate that I can put the slightly bigger S&W round in. I hope you find a number 41 plate  

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I ordered a #46 shell plate that is for 460 s&w. There is only .002 difference in the dia of the body. My reload book says 460 is .478 and scofield is .480. Those are max dimensions. I measure my once fired starline cases to be .475 at base right above rim where it would enter the plate.


Not happy with hornady lately. This #46 plate is also discontinued, and was out of stock/unavailable at most places. The hornady custom shop wants $135 plus shipping to make a 45 schofield plate. 


I will return and report how it works for someone else with same problem.

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