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WTB Sharps 45 blackpowder rifle

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Morning Greysmoke, you are looking for the holygrail of Sharps, very few originals were ever made in 45 cal. Percussion most were 54 cal. And to my research and knowledge their are no reproduction companies that make one.

Now someone may have better information than me might be able to steer you better but I have been researching them for a while now. I'm sure you could have one built but be ready to pay.


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2 hours ago, Okiepan said:

If anyone has a 1859 /1863 54 Rifle ( reproduction) that wants to re-home lemme know .

LOL!  That is how I have been selling guns on Facebook.  Rehome!

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1 hour ago, F. Greysmoke ,#12093 said:

Thanks to all for the info.

If anyone knows of problems with these rifles please explain, this will help me to NOT want one of these!

Thanks Pards!


I sure wouldn't mind having one of these cannons also. Looks like a fun shooter. Check out MannyCA video. He is loading it loose also. This cannon will surely put a smile on your face and a bruise on your shoulder.



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Shiloh made .45 caliber 1859 percussion sharps, and Pedersoli made the percussion sporting rifle in .45 cal as well. They are a different animal than the centerfires. They seal the chamber by either a floating gas check plate or a sliding chamber sleeve. I've been shooting them since 1990. At present I own an Armisport .54 cal Infantry Rifle, but I have owned three Shiloh Percussion models, One Garrett and two Pedersoli's. You shot my Armisport at the Texas Peacemakers range in Tyler during a monthly match back in the day. I load paper cartridges and cast my own bullets. Lots of fun, but finicky and quirky.


Preacher Clint

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Thanks for remmembering my faulty memory! I thought I shot your break open 50 cal that had the rubber tubes that contained the powder.

Anyway, Merry Christmas pard and thanks for being such a great friend all of these years?

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