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Yes, I know there are way too many categories already but the club motto is:


have fun and shoot at stuff!


and since we award absolutely nothing for 1st place finishs at our monthly get togethers we have responded to a number of member requests (keep everyone as happy as possible and they'll keep coming back)


WB-Lite:  you follow the Cowboy direction and use 5-round mags.  Thought behind this is to save primers.  This means the WB-Lite shooter will shoot 104 less shots than the "normal" WB shooters in our 6-stage matches.  It's all about the Benjamins


Sharpshooter-Lite:  our regular SS shoots at the Cowboy targets with his pistols and engages rifle target waaay out there.  SS-Lite still shoots his rifle at the far targets but shoots the same pistol targets as the Cowboys.  Guys were shooting this to practice, sort of, for huntig but don't need the longer pistol targets.


We lump them in with the stage instrustions for cowboys with understanding the SS-Lite shoots at the far targets so there is no additional "thinking" involved when we write the stages (our stage instructions have info for the cowboys, WB shooters and Sharpshooters.  







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We just added a new category this past summer called "Outlaw".  You shoot at all targets from the hip.  So as not to slow the pace down, on the shotgun targets you shoot the number of knockdowns from the hip and if you miss any, then the extra shots are done from the shoulder.  

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