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SOLD Minty 1957 Model 94 Win. With 2.5 Weaver Scope

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SOLD This is an extremely well cared for Model 94 Winchester made in 1957. It is chambered in the venerable .30-30 cartridge. SN is 2272***. It had been fired very little, if at all, when I got it and I have put maybe 50 rounds through it at the range. Never been in the woods with me. Both bluing and wood would rate 98% and that is being conservative.  It comes with a vintage Weaver 2.5x scope with post and crosshair reticle. The mount is of more recent vintage. Will come with correct front sight hood. Hard to upgrade this one. More photos available upon request. Asking $1200 SHIPPED for package. Subtract $125 if you don't want scope and mount. If your FFL won't receive from private individual, I will need an additional $30 to pay my FFL to ship.























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8 hours ago, Not Dead Ed said:

Caliber?   Nice rifle.

Oops! Sorry. Late. It is the venerable .30-30.

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Back up for the New Year. Gotta spend your Christmas money on something. 

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