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1897 Winchester take down cowboy ready


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image.thumb.jpg.0a38f9070a2799ad6e908bc5fa11749d.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.1427dcec33fde6921dde669af5219ddb.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.1427dcec33fde6921dde669af5219ddb.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.df80a4db9281a70ce2cd8029d4aabf1f.jpg a good one This is a good one function well and feeds from bottom and eject very well. E series 4821094 barrel cut large front bead nice pad on back. Stock has few hair line cracks ,forearm no cracks good shape. $4.75.00 shipped to FFL.


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1 hour ago, Rex M Rugers #6621 said:

If that string of numbers in the description is supposed to be the serial number , I think it might be a misprint. I don't think Winchester made over 4.8 million Model 97s.

I could be wrong. Have been before. :lol:

Rex :D



Good eye Rex: https://marauder.homestead.com/Model97sn.html

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Top bottom number match faded on top but same. Got serial number wrong

its 421084 not sure we’re I got that 8 from and it a 12 ga sold to John Barley corn.

siskidrick@gmail for payment info address thanks kidrick.

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