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SOLD .58 Berdan Rolling Block

Dusty Morningwood

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SOLD The culling of a long time collection continues. This is an interesting military rolling block from the early metallic cartridge period. It is referred to as a Transformed Model. It started life as a Model 1863 Springfield. 58 musket. Springfield Armory took hundreds of these muskets and converted them using rolling block actions. This one is chambered in .58 Berdan CF. Most went to state militias. This one unmarked. Rifle is in overall Good Antique condition. Originally in the white, it has an overall brown patina. There is minor pitting here and there, but nothing serious. The three groove bore would rate Good and is shiny with scatted light pitting. Typical. Wood is good + with only minor dings. No cracks. Ramrod is a period replacement. Missing long sight leaf and front sling swivel screw, both available from Dixie Gun Works. It comes with 50 brand new Magtech 24 gauge brass shells you can cut down to make cases (very hard to find). I tested with plastic hulls and with tweaking will be a fun shooter. I will toss in some Minie' bullets (19 of three styles) to get you started. A scarce model in shooting condition. Asking $750 SHIPPED for package. More photos available.









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3 hours ago, Okiepan said:


You know you want Santa to bring it to you. :lol:

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1 hour ago, Okiepan said:

I assume those minnies worked ?

Yep. Your lubed Minie' showed the mist promise. Obviously, I have not done any serious load development.

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Howdy to the person that bot that handsome ole smoke pole.


I own a “shirttail cousin” to this shootin’ iron ...  1860’s vintage Snider Carbine in 577 Snider. The Brits used the Snider action to convert their Pattern 1853 Enfield percussion muskets to a centerfire cartridge.


The 577 Snider and 58 Berdan are not identical but are very similar.  Concur with the seller that 24 gauge Magtek brass cases will work if shortened as will shortened 24 gauge plastic hulls mfged by Cheddite of France (as illustrated in one of the photos). I bot the Cheddite hulls from either Graf & Sons or Track of the Wolf.  Lee Precision used to mfg reloading dies for 577 Snider and perhaps still offers them.  I suspect those would work for 58 Berdan but you might wish to check with them to make sure. 58 Minie balls work fine but I’ve had best luck with 60 caliber round balls from a Lee mould.


By all means use “Holy Black” or synthetic substitutes. Pyrodex works fine for me and cleans easier.


When you touch off one of those babies, the whole range will know and you’ll gather a crowd.


 Apologies if this is old news to you. Thot I’d share my experiences.


Keep on the sunny side and a hearty Adios


Fort Reno Kid 







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Thanks, Reno Kid. The biggest challenge now is finding ANY 24 gauge hulls. The fifty I sold with rifle came from a former Snider shooter who no longer needed them. Will pass along the round ball suggestion.

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