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B Western holster types

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Handbook says Buscadero or drop loop holsters and the entire pistol is below the top of the belt.

My winter project is to build a BW rig.

I looked to several leather websites for guidance.

What makes a rig a buscadero or drop loop?


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The buscadero has a slot in the main belt that the holster attaches through. A drop loop has an extended upper that fits over the top pf the gun belt, but the holsters hang low. The entire revolver must be below the top of the gun-belt


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These are my two, both by Alfonso's of Hollywood.  They're steel lined so they could be cocked in holster

if you were of a mind to and if it was legal.  The first is a Paladin rig with a cross draw for a short gun,

the second is a classic two gun buscadero rig.  I  usually use the Paladin rig, but am starting to spend more

time dry fire handling the short gun rig just for a change up.



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Since I am cheap frugal, I modified my belt to be either BWestern or Classic Cowboy.  The first picture is in the CC mode.  The holster has very little drop so the pistol butt is above the top of the belt.  For BW, I cut a slot through the belt that lowered the pistol enough to meet the requirements of butt below the top of the belt.  If you are starting from scratch, make the loop over the belt narrow so the slot in the belt can be narrow and thereby covered up when the holster is in the CC mode.  Mine is pretty well covered up but visible is you are looking for it.




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