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WTB: 24 gauge brass shotgun shells

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29 minutes ago, ACW said:

I need some 24 gauge brass shotgun shells.

I looked forever. Then a guy on Gunboards sold me two boxes. I have heard that Magtech will run more in April.

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I did find some plastic 24 gage shells that I'll use to load .600 round balls.

I've heard that a round ball is more accurate a 100 yards than a conical bullet - in a Snider

I'd still like to find some brass ones. 

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Howdy Pard


Glad you found what you’re looking for.  I have a 577 Snider Carbine and can share some thots with you about their care and feeding.  

I special ordered a .59 cal minie bullet mould for it but found the Lee .60 cal round ball mould to give better results. I paid an arm and half a leg for some Bertram and Jamison brass cases but found the plastic Cheddite (French) hulls  to be easier to work with. With plastic hulls it’s easy to use a mild load of black powder (my preference is Pyrodex), push down a heavy wad to eliminate any air space and then seat the round ball firmly on top with some lube or gear grease on top of the projectile as add’l lubrication. 

Graf & Sons and Track of the Wolf periodically stock reloading components for 24 gauge. A good website for Snider and Martini-Henry (and, for that matter, all British weaponry) is the British Militaria Forum. You can benefit from info with shooters from the US as well as Canada and other shooters from the British Commonwealth.


Don’t know if you plan to shoot it at a SASS match. The Sniders are slow to reload but should win you some fierce style points.  When you touch off one of those rounds at a shooting range, you’ll draw a crowd in a hurry.


Enjoy that old smokepole!




Fort Reno Kid 

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Hi Pard,


Sorry for the delay in responding to your info - 


I have 2 Sniders, A Mk III put together in Nepal and one made in England.

I just got in some MagTech 24 ga brass cases and looking forward to adjusting their length using my lathe.

I first need to make a holder so they will be cut properly.

I'm going to try a .600 round ball, a Rapine 577-510 minie, and a X-Ring 60-530XR to try out.

The one most accurate at 100+ yards will be what I'll use.


Lets hope one of the Sniders works well.


Au revoir,


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In case anyone is looking, Graf and Sons has them in stock, at least as of yesterday.  I bought two boxes - and I don't even have a gun to use them in!  LOL.

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