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Big Guns Side Match

H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619

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Some comments in two other threads have made me decide to start a thread on this specific topic.  Specifically, the idea of a side match for "Big Guns."  


Let's define big guns as one of two ways.


Option one would be guns in standard calibers but are physically large.  "Bigger than a 7.5" Colt" could be one way to define it.   This would open the door to things like Buntline Specials, Walkers, Dragoons, converted or not, or even guns with shorter barrels but larger frames like things by Freedom Arms in .45 Colt and so on.

Option two would be guns of any size, but are chambered for things like .454 Casull or other "super magnum" cartridges.   I suppose you could include .44 Magnum in this category if the shooter was shooting "full power" loads.   


Special targets might be needed to deal with the more powerful guns, maybe paper or "destructable" ones.  


Assuming that the above definitions are used, the side match could have two "categories."


Thinking about .44 Magnum, I actually have two SASS type guns in the caliber.  One is an original Great Western revolver, which seems to be very close to the same size as a standard SAA.  The other is an Uberti copy, but the gun is obviously beefed up over a standard SAA.  The Uberti is quite the wrist snapper with factory ammo, and it be honest, I'd be very hesitant to shoot such things in the Great Western. 



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I have a few that would qualify. How about a .45-70 BFR? I used .45-60 cases and round balls in the off-season match I shot with it. ;)


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I'm an absolute newbie, so my opinion shouldn't really matter, but...

I love the idea. I wonder if it should be limited to barrel length only (or perhaps barrel length AND large caliber, combined). I read about people who shoot 44 Magnum in basic competition, and 45 Colt is pretty common, right? And isn't that technically a bigger bullet than the 44 Magnum? (I could be wrong on that point.) So if this "Big Guns" match is for large caliber only without regard for barrel length, then it's almost like a regular match (except that the 38 Special folks can't play) with nothing impressively unique about it. (I'm focused on the idea of "impressively unique," because I feel like that's the original vibe of the "Big Guns" idea.)

Maybe make it for either (A) 8" or longer barrel only or (B) 8" or longer barrel + 44 or larger caliber only?



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On 12/5/2020 at 11:19 AM, Three Foot Johnson said:

I have a few that would qualify. How about a .45-70 BFR? I used .45-60 cases and round balls in the off-season match I shot with it. ;)


a guy in my club has one.. with black powder it kicked hard  but not like his SW 500

long ago a friend has 308 barrel on a contender  One shot and few tear roled down my check  I did my best not to drop it 

me I load light 44 special  .. none have bounced of paper yet 

being a CA cowboy what is that white stuff in the back ground 

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This would be an example of a gun in a standard caliber but is unusually large...




It's a .45, but is unusually large.  The frame is an ASM clone of a Colt, but has oversized grips from an I860 Army revolver, and the barrel is a cut down Rossi 92 rifle barrel.   This is my "Big Iron."


This is a standard size gun, but is chambered for .44 Magnum...




In keeping with the concept as I thought of it, this gun would be okay if using "full power" loads that are similar to a standard factory loading for the caliber.


This is a monstrosity that I don't own but wish I did...




This behemoth was chambered 45-70.   


These are a cartridge conversion and a cap and ball...




...Walker and Dragoon.   They are quite large.




...is a Buntline .44 Special.



Any of these guns would qualify as a Big Gun for the theoretical side match.

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9 hours ago, Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129 said:

10 ga. doubles with style points fer hammers and loading Holy Black ...


Jabez Cowboy


This and some things said earlier brings up a point I had not considered; the rifle and shotgun.

For the rifle I guess the "easiest" way to fit the theme is to say it has to be in a "rifle" caliber, instead of a "pistol" caliber.   Yeah, yeah, I know, but in CAS, .44-40 IS a pistol caliber.  

For the shotgun, it get's a bit more convoluted.  While many of us would own a qualifying pistol, or two, and a rifle, I doubt that most of us have any kind of an overly large shotgun.   Limiting it to long barrels and/or 10 gauge would eliminate a lot of otherwise potential shooters.  Perhaps the best way to go for the shotgun is to say normal SASS shotguns, but if you've got one, 10 gauge [or larger?] and/or long barrels are encouraged but not required.

Dang...   I hope some bub tries this some day as a side match.

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