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S&W "kit" gun.  AKA the .22/.32.  Made for many years.  High quality .22.  What is this supposed to mean?  "Anyone ever see a used one go by?"  You see used ones at most large gun shows.

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The one I bought a few months ago had to go back to the factory because the barrel to cylinder gap was 0.015” on the left side and 0.005” on the right. It was repaired and sent back to me with a consistent 0.005” gap. 
I disliked the red fiber optic front sight so I changed it to a gold bead front sight...which I dislike as well. So, I am ordering a green fiber optic sight to install. 
Believe it or not, after all this, I do like the revolver but it will be a while before I buy another newly made S&W revolver. Their QC SUCKS!

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2 hours ago, Trigger Mike said:

Its new made.  He wants 699, which seemed a lot for a 22, but it is close to what he is charging for the longer barrel model 22 revolvers from smith.  

I paid  $760, which made  finding the problem  with  it that much worse.

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