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Wilson Combat CQB 1911s

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I bought one about 12 years ago. Love it. I like 1911s and was reading about them and saw the Wilsons. Some people, because of cost, talked about getting one when they retired. I wanted to get one while I was still able to run around and compete with it. So I bought it and have shot USPSA with it for 12 years. I also had Wilson rebuild my Springfield. They have a great reputation. 

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Les Baer is top quality for much less money.


Dan Wesson pretty good too although not true custom.


Wilson 1911s are expensive, high end guns. Generally pretty, but not quite as pretty as Ed Browns. Some have problems,  some are as perfect as a 1911 can be. QC overall is good but I've heard horror stories.


I've never had a problem with Colts.




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I had a friend that had two Wilsons. A Protector and CQB. The CQB was not as accurate as it should have been (4+ inch groups at 15 yards). Three 1911 shooters tried this piece all with the same results. While at the range, the Protector locked up with a live round in the chamber and no amount of effort could get the piece unlocked. Disassembly required very careful attention to muzzle discipline obviously and wasn't easy. 


I've also seen some that have run just fine. For my money, I would buy a Les Baer. If it doesn't need to be 'custom', I would go with a Kimber first, Springfield Armory second. I currently have a Kimber Classic Custom (Not a II) which is my favorite handgun out of the hundreds I've owned. I can easily split playing cards on edge at 15 yards with this pistol. This piece has nearly 30,000 rounds down the pipe. At 25,000, I had worn the parkerized finish off and sent it to Kimber to be finished in KimPro Kote Desert Tan and to checker the front strap. They went through the entire pistol and the only bits they changed are the recoil and main springs. It's the most accurate 1911 I've owned and I've not had a single malfunction with this gun.


I also have a Springfield Armory MC Operator. I like this pistol as well, but while accurate and functional 100%, I don't shoot it quite as well as the Kimber. Groups are probably 15% larger, but I can still split cards with it. If I needed to shoot a hostage taker, I would definitely use the Kimber!


Many 1911s have passed through my custody - Four Kimbers, Four Springfield Armorys, two Colts, and one each from STI, Smith & Wesson, SIG, Charles Daly, Armscor, and Rock Island. I've also been fortunate enough to send hot stuff down range from Wilson, Ed Brown, and Les Baer pistols. My Money would go to Les Baer, Kimber or Springfield Armory in that order,



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I'm as happy as a pig in s--- with my RIA 1911.  Fussy about mags (likes real Colt mags, bur won't accept  lot of high dollar junk) and I replaced the slick wood grips with checkered double diamond walnut, but other that that it's a stock as a stove and very reliable and accurate.

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Good Gun but paying for the name.

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As far as experience with them, I can only speak to the magazines, got a couple 8+1 Wilsons for my Springfield Arms Officer .45ACP model. The SA had a stupid-low sales price so I had to adopt it.


The Wilsons are very nice mags and run with no problems. Also the shoe on each mag is well designed and helps with seating in the firearm.


I have held several Wilson Combat 1911s over the years and there is a clear difference in fit and finish. I could buy one on reputation alone but also like the way they are put together. More than that, they tend to have the features I want.


I took my time deciding what I wanted in a 1911. Agree Rock Island is a great entry point to the platform. I wanted Trijicon night sights, extended trigger, ambi safety, forged alloy frame, extended beaver tail, and some other details. Wilson Combat could have built me exactly what I wanted.


If your friend has specific list of features he wants in a package, Wilson is a great way to go. If he just wants a good 1911, Rock Island is a lot less expensive. I really got lucky with mine, the SA was barely above RIA price. I would not get a Wilson just because of reputation, I would do so because it was the best way to get what I wanted in the platform.


While I got my 1911 fix at a low price, I do keep thinking about the Wilson EDC X9. Not a "true" 1911, but truly looks like a great firearm. That one still has a place on my list.



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I once did a test between a wilson cqb and a kimber pro carry and colt and sig 1911.  The colt was not even close.  


The kimber and sig were neck and neck, only the kimber would start to jam or get sluggish after it passed 200 rounds.  


The wilson was better.  It was somewhat more accurate but a whole lot smoother and just felt better.  


My favorite is a wilson ultra light compact carry .  It is noticeably better than the cqb.  


The difference between a wilson and every other brand i have tried can't really be described in words.  


All guns are generally fun to shoot.   All 1911s are fun, but a wilson is just a joy.  I've never tried a les bear though.

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