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Wagner Estate Comes Clean

Subdeacon Joe

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I knew it!



The estate of Richard Wagner, composer of The Ring Cycle has officially acknowledged that the lyrics to Ride of the Valkyries are ‘Kill the Wabbit.’

For many years, the estate has held that the lyrics were something incomprehensible in German but, in the thirties, a classic Bugs Bunny cartoon suggested that the lyrics were actually as follows –

‘Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit,


“I think that, from that moment on, the game was up,” said opera expert Stewart James.

“It was obvious that the ‘Kill the wabbit’ refrain was correct because it fit the music so perfectly. There was no way that you could get German words with all their ichs and achs to really scan with the music, it simply doesn’t work.”


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