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How I Saved My Little Finger

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To The Fire:

How I Saved My Little Finger


by: Texas Red SASS #36495



Think we all learned, when we begin any writing article, we should start with an introduction of the subject. I’m sure if there any former or current English teachers in the audience, there be a bunch of red marks on their computer screens, after finished reading this piece.


So, this all about, what I think I’ve leaned, over 20 years of shooting cowboy pistols. Again, my opinions. We all know how that sentence ends. Thru this journey of mine in search of the perfect (for me) single action grip. I’ve had 1860 Army grips, on 1872 Open Tops. I’ve been thru my Bisley stage. Trying both Colt and Ruger pistols with Bisley grips. All fell short in my search.





Figure 1 image (below) is of a Single Action Pistol held Duelist style cocked and ready to fire. Notice the Tell Tale sign of the little finger curled around the but of the pistol. Never have enough room on the grip for all four fingers. Imperative to accomplish for accurate and fast Duelist style shooting.






















Fig. 1






My solution for this situation was simple and quick. Remember, I spent years going thru 1860 and Bisley style grips. SOLUTION: Simple, I would just remove little finger of my right hand. I called Medicare and my supplement providers to see if it would be covered and they said No.





So I improvised:



Fig. 2



My Solution!!

T ools Needed

Heavy Hammer

Small Sharp Clever

Clamp to hold Clever


Cutting Board (won’t damage marble counter top)










Fig. 3


Position patient part (little finger) under Clever

Strike Clever with Heavy Hammer

Place wound site over lite Torch

Cauterize Wound

Check Wound

Re-Cauterize if Necessary








I based my procedural research on a Kurt Douglas movie. Think Tony Curtis, was in it, also. They were “Vikings”. One scene they, Vikings, were storming an English Castle they were very close to breaching the huge draw gate, one of them reached out and a defender cut off a hand with a swift swoop of a sword. They immediately placed the hand less arm over a torch burning (cauterizing) the wound site. I knew my research was sound because was based on an actual historical event.


I knew it was going to work. One less finger on my pistol grip, Viola, all my searching would be over for the perfect single action grip.


I’m right handed. I injured my left thumb many years ago by slicing thru artery, nerve and ligaments and tendons with a deer skinning knife. My left thumb just hangs there taking up space on my left hand. It’s condition was the reason that could never shoot a single action pistol with two hands. Leaving me only with Duelist shooting Style. It also left me with some weakness and loss of control of my left hand.


So, as I was almost ready to heft the heavy hammer and Smack the Clever and remove my 5th finger on my right hand. A small sliver of doubt entered my mind.


WHAT if I miss the clever and Smack my other fingers, because of lack of control of my left hand.


I THOUGHT that would really Hurt…..NO, Darn, That would Really Hurt!!!!


Perplexed, my simple solution was spoiled, to finally end my search for the perfect single action shooting grip…….


My Quest took another turn...Where do all Cowboy shooters search and finds answers to all they’re questions…..The SASS WIRE of Course.


Found the same things I had found 1860 and Bisley grips were the answer to all your troubles and consternations.






Until, Eureka, Found my Solution……






















Called above. Mr Henry Lance of Texas Grips in CC by the Sea, Texas.

I knew a Fellow Texan could solve my problems.

Henry makes Extended grips fit any single actions which we use for Cowboy action shooting. Except he didn’t make foe Ruger Single Six 32’s. We agreed to send my grip frames from my single six’s. So, now he can fit his extended grips to Ruger Single Six 32’s.


Great guy to work with, very knowledgeable about Grip fitting and has an endless array of grip materials. Just Google ‘Texas Grips” and enjoy the journey.













Ruger Single Six 32

Corian Extended Grip with Graphic and Spainish Checkering

Notice all fingers on the grip with No Curling Little Finger under grip for control

STILL Have My Little Finger








Here’s New Vaquero with Texas Grips Extended

Love’ EM just Love’EM


Go see’em all on Henry’s Website: Texas Grips



Texas Red SASS #36495








How I Saved My Little finger.odt






Texas Grips 2020-11-22 001.jpg

Edited by Texas Red
trying how to post article
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im with tex jones on the torch - before you chop  , but should you reconsider that amputation i think the grips might offer an option , they look cumbersome to me but then i have small hands - i need the extended mag for my sig 938 to feel comfortable but the colt 380 fits just fine , 


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Hey Kid

I'm with you on the 938 extended magazine it make the pistol...Love Mine.....The Texas Grip extended grip option is great, and less expensive,  if you wanna go from standard plow handle to 1860 or Bisley type....Especially for Duelist and Gunfighters....IMHO



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A friend with very large hands had the same problem.  He made his own larger grips and they worked much better for him. However,  although his shop project was functional the grips you showed are MUCH MUCH MUCH NICER!!!!! :D Thanks for the post and the info. Also glad you found a way to keep your finger. ;)

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