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WTB Schofield .45 Colt

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I'm looking for  Schofield in .45 Colt, preferably in a 5" version, if anyone has one that they want to part with.  I have some in .38 Special and .44 WCF.  I might consider a trade for one of the .44's for a .45. My .44's are one in 7" and one in 3.5" barrel lengths, both are blue finish and in VG-excellent condition. If you have one and you are interested in selling or trading PM me with a message please.  

Thanks pards, Doc

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I have a pair of nickel 5" Stoeger/Uberti Schofields in .45 LC that Id sell. They have fake black buffalo horn grips and are in great condition. I'll throw in two El Paso Saddlrey holsters (John Wesley Hardin model). Every thing for $2200. I'll pay shipping. I'll send pictures if you are interested.


Cimarron Jones

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