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I have line on a pair of Original Vaqueros. They are the Stainless Steel, 357 Mag, and 5/12" bbl. They have had spring replaced and are very smooth. Just wondering how they are going for these days.


Thanks Rusty Cuffs

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Those are what I use. 
10 years ago $800-$900 pair. 

lately I have seen ads asking for $1100-$1300 pair. 
haven’t bought any recently to know what they actually sold for

good guns:)


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Gateway Kid

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OP, pre-2005 (old model, old style, original.. etc) are not made any longer.

They are now collector's items, and they will sell for what a collector's item sells for.
Some sellers will firesale them, others will price them like they are pricing primers at the moment.
It is "all the traffic will bear."

I scored a deal on a NOS pre-2005 Vaquero Bisley 44 mag... very few made over the life of the model.
Then I found an exact mate on gunbroker... another guy wanted it, so I had to bang the Buy-It-Now button and pay full price.
Scarcity determined the price.  If you want it... you pay for it.

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I gave $1100 trade value for my pair of blues 5.5" 357 omvs. And $1400 trade value for my pair of 44/40 omvs blued with 7.5" barrels. They're worth what you're willing to pay. But lately seems the going rate is in the neighborhood of$1050-$1500 a pair depending on condition and Smith work thats been done.  Ymmv

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For a pair, sequential serial numbers is a bit of a bump in price, and for collector value it helps to have the original boxes. Frankly, I don't put much value on original cardboard but I see empty boxes selling for at least $50 each.


As long as they function, $1,000 for the pair would be a bargain. Agree condition and quality of smithing could drive them to $1,500 but smithing will also hurt value for the purist collector. I'm assuming you plan to shoot them so good smithing would be a plus for you; If intended for the safe, it might be a negative.


In that regard, non-sequential serial number would be a plus for a working pair of guns you plan to shoot; as shooting a pair of slicked guns with non-sequential numbers will not hurt the possible "safe" value.


On edit: Bisley hammers? And I bought a set of used Uberti (Taylor) Cattleman at the high end of this discussion just because they are known good shooters, and they are! Both mine and what you are looking at.

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You can wear out the OMV Vaqueros. Had to have mine rebuilt mid match at Landrun. I bought them used and put approx 40;000 rounds through  the pair over 9 years. They can be worn out, but it takes a while. Have two sets, need to get the other set out of the safe and shoot them a bit.



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On 11/20/2020 at 11:39 AM, Rusty Cuffs said:

I use a pair of OG Vaqueros that Wes Flowers short stroked, but mine are 4 5/8" bbl. Not sure I can get use to the 51/2". 


In the safe is a pair of four click NM vaqueros with 4 5/8’s barrels in 357. One of the last pair that Wes Flowers built.  Intended to be for SWMBO but she prefers my plain jane NMV 45’s with 4 5/8’s as they are lighter and she is more comfortable with 130 grain barnstormers from shooting fox.  Go figure.

BTW I now use exclusively 5 1/2 barrels as these old eyes seem to pick up the sights better with the longer radius. 
Further BTW I have yet to see a pair of used OMV that have any “collector” value, sequential numbers or not. They are Rugers used for shooting, not Colts made around the turn of the century where anything modified would destroy their value to a purist. I know I would not pay a premium on top of their “useful” value. 

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Gateway Kid

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On 11/21/2020 at 6:26 PM, WOLFY said:

I like the size of the new vaqueros in .357.  Are the new models weaker as far as hot loads?  

They are only rated for "Colt" level loads.  The frame is smaller, the cylinders are smaller and have less metal around the chambers.  You won't find the new model in 44 Mag.

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