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Question for the gunsmiths out there

Black Angus McPherson

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I've got an old Springfield Trapdoor in .45-70 I like to put a few rounds thru every once in a while.  The problem is it has a bad tendency to puncture primers.   When I first got it I traced the problem to a burr on the point of the firing pin.  I stoned it off and the problem disappeared.  Unfortunately the problem has reoccurred.  Another burr on the firing pin has appeared.  My guess is there is a rough spot inside the bolt/trapdoor near the firing pin hole that is rubbing against the firing pin.


The question is:  How to I get my dremel that far down into the firing pin channel to polish out that rough spot?  :D  No, seriously tho, how do I get something down there to get rid of that inside burr?


It's a fun rifle to shoot, and accurate, even if the sights are way-hella-high.  I can hit the silhouette at 200 yards pretty regularly with the sights bottomed out.  It'll go over the top of targets at 100.  But, that's another problem.  Can't/won't shoot it at all if the primers keep getting pierced and hot gas flows back along the firing pin with every shot.  






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The sites on the TD's were for 250 yds at the lowest setting. As a military weapon they would seriously kill or wound if held at dead center of an enemy anywhere between 0-300 yds.  The latch plate for a common household lock makes a perfect replacement for the front site, it is the proper thickness and can be cut to the proper height to zero at 100 yds.


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Try lightening the main spring.  Too heavy and it tends to "bend" the nose and burr it/\\Good luck..


Ol'  #4

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