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Up for sale is a custom set of grips off of new model Blackhawks.


SPF - One set, the lighter ones, are hand carved Giraffe Bone and came off of a set of New Model Vaqueros that I traded for.

I do NOT know the maker of the grips as they were on the guns I traded for.  $125.00  shipped Priority Mail.


The second set is a pair I had custom made by Joe Perkins of Classic Single Action (previously Outlaw Grips), for my Jimmy Spur`Blackhawks .

The new owner did not want them in the trade.

I paid $330.00 for the 2 sets ($165.00 each).  They were on the guns for several years and were safe queen guns.  Not a mark on them.

$225.00 shipped Priority Mail.


As you can see, all sets come with screws.


Any questions please ask.

Windy City Red



based on several questions I received  I called Joe Perkins who made the the second set of grips and saw the first set on my guns.  

Unfortunately, he said he could not give me an answer without seeing the guns they were intended to go on. 

What he did tell me was the following:

Ruger made 2 different size grips XR3, and XR3 Red, so depending on the guns, they may or may not fit albeit minor modification (like the pin hole location) might work on other gun.  This would refer to the darker grips that came off of a Blackhawk.

The answer to the question if the Giraffe Bone grips would fit on a standard Ruger grip is about the same.  Since Ruger made several size frames (new & old) he could/would not say if they worked on any other Vaquero.  Jeez, how diplomatic can a person be.  LOL  SORRY, BUT THAT'S THE BEST I CAN DO AT THIS TIME.










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I posted updated info from my grip maker in the post.

Bottom line is he's not sure one way or the other if the grips will work without seeing the guns they are intended to fit on.

So, if you're still interested you can send a check n I'll ship the grips and if they don't fit I'll return your money minus my shipping cost, estimated, I think, $8.95 priority shipping.

Please Let me know either way.



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