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Highwall signing off

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Well my renewal came today in the mail and I'm sorry to say I most likely not be signing on again even though $65 is very reasonable.  My beloved  wife of 47 years and I have both been diagnosed with cancer this year. She had her surgery last week and mine is tomorrow. Hopefully Medicare will cover most of the costs but I'm not convinced our prescriptions will be approved.

As much as I love my coveted 1885 single shot .45 Government and chatting with all you cowboy enthusiasts, I love my wife more than anything. We are in God's hands and plans going forward. Don't worry, my grandson will inherit the 1885 so the legend will continue! 

Keep it loaded my compadres!

 Yours truly, Donn Valkenaar aka Highwall. 

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Praying for you both!! Keep the faith!  Cancer treatment and life expectancies have improved exponentially in recent years.  Schoolmarm is five years cancer free and you'd never know she was a survivor!!

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Pard I wish you and your wife well. We never know how things will turn out in this world. Just keep your faith in God and what ever happens, you will be OK.



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My prayers are offered for both of you.

Hold on to your faith and keep your spirits up.

A positive attitude is a great tool in your recovery.

Speaking from personal experience, I know the strides made in the treatment of this disease on a daily basis, are immense.


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Heeping you in our thoughts.


BTW just because you have to take a break from SASS doesn't mean you can't drop in and say howdy.  Let us know how you both are doing.

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Prayers up for you and your wife, may God watch over both of you and give you comfort and peace.

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Much love to you both!!

Hugs and prayers!



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