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What is your favorite Sean Connery movie?

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1 ) The Wind and the Lion.

2.) Last Crusade 

3.) Robin and Marian , and that must be one of the strangest romantic pairings in cinema history. 


I like Red October but I  keep comparing it to the book and it just can't break into the top three.

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It just hit the silver screen at the right time. Goldfinger. I saw it six times in the

theater when it first came out.  

Ive always had a thing for silver sportscars.

One in my garage right now. 

Interesting how many of those options are on cars today.

I like a lot of his movies but you can only have ONE on top.

HIs movies will live forever.




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1. Highlander

2. Rising Sun

3. Name of the Rose

4. Entrapment

5. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

6. All of his Bond movies

7. If he chose to be in the movie, I will watch it.

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4 hours ago, J.D. Daily said:

My NOT FAVORITE Sean Connery movie, Zardoz.


One of the few movies where the book came several years after the movie.

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My favorite was The Rock. His smartass attitude towards Nicholas Cage's character was great. Ed Harris also played the best bad guy I ever saw. Not so much a bad guy, but a good guy doing something really bad because he felt he had no other choice.


As for the Bond movies, the only two from that era I liked were both non-Connery films, and both solely because of the love interests. Diana Rigg and Jane Seymour were quite the hotties. :wub::wub:

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The Man Who Would be King

You Only Live Twice

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