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Eagle GF grips F/S (SOLD to JB)


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Hey Pards, I have 2 pairs (for two pistols) of Eagle GF grips.  Checkered for OLD model Vaqueros.  I bought these about 6 mo ago, and put them on my Rugers , but they are just too thin for my ham hands.  I have since traded my plow handle pistols for a pair of Bisleys that are much better suited for me.  So, these are up for a new home.  They are in perfect condition, still have the blue velvet bags they came in.  I can send a pic to your e mail should you desire, or you can go to Eagles' site to see them.  These are nicely finished, but one set is slightly darker than the other, don't know why, that's the way they came to me.  I paid $127.00 a pair plus postage, but I'll send them to you for $225.00 for both.



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