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Just read that Remington is letting go 585 employees. Also, they are not paying any severance, or accrued vacation time.


The article said the company had four branches: Ilion, New York; Alabama; North Carolina; and Arkansas; and were purchased by four different bidders.


It said the new company hopes to hire 400 workers, when they can resume production, but first the new owners have to apply, and receive an FFL license, before they can begin making firearms again. 


Remington started in Ilion, in 1816, and is touted to be America's oldest gun maker. Both candidates, that are running for office, right now, condemned the actions of the ones that denied the severance and accrued vacation payments to the employees that were terminated. It was said the Union will contest this action.  


I hope Remington is able to recoup, and resume production, and hopefully too, build a second-to-none quality firearm, that I would buy and want to pass down to my heirs. It is a bad thing to see any American firearm company go down. We need more, not less, and we need more built here in the United States.





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I too lament the passing of Remington. They made some impressive firearms and shooting products in the past. 

When they fell behind, they were bought up by people that had more attention on selling off the profitable part of the business. 

As of now, the pieces are in the hands of several companies. Ruger is the only one that I am familar with, and can only hope that they and the others will not destroy the name of Remington and Marlin. 


I have been watching the market place and the prices are outrageous. But the golden rule is the guy with the gold gets to make the rules. Just my view from the fence. 

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