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Brookfield CAS in Masury, Ohio! Thursday October 29, 2020!

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CAS at Brookfield in Masury, Ohio Thursday October 29, 2020

The Shenango River Rats are Gonna Ride Again!




      Come join us for a Cowboy Action match at the Brookfield Conservation Club in Masury, Ohio on Thursday October 29, 2020.


     That's right!  Thursday October 29, 2020! 

      It’s the Last Thursday of the Month Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match!


Five fast, fun-filled EZ stages guaranteed to put a smile on your face!  The match is in the woods under the semi-bare trees of autumn and amongst the multi-colored falling leaves!   


Gates open at 9:00 am ----- Lead down range at around 10:00 am after the Pledge of Allegiance and a “brief” safety meeting.


Tons of fun at last year’s prices!


Bring your snacks because no lunch is scheduled! 


Water will be provided by the club in tasteful little plastic bottles!


There’s a good chance of chocolate chip cookies if the boss has time to make'em!


If it rains;  we’ll shoot “up top and under the roof” where we’ll try to stay high and dry!


The scheduled temperature is supposed to be 56 degrees.  


Bring your mask, hand sanitizer, and any other personal protection equipment you think you might need.


Bring plenty of shotgun shells!


Spectators and visitors are always welcome but you must wear your hearing protectors and safety glasses. It’s mandatory. Safety every time, that’s us!


That’s Brookfield CAS on Thursday October 29, 2020!  The Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS Match! 


We hope to see you there!


Be safe and God bless,


Slow Mo Dern


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     This just in from weather central!

     There’s a good chance it might rain Thursday!  Water actually falling from the sky! 


     It looks like there’s a good chance that the Shenango River Rats will be shooting the Thursday Work-Shirker Open Class CAS Match “under the roof!”


     I will keep you posted. 



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     We will be having our last outdoor Thursday Work Shirker Open Class CAS Match "under the roof" at Brookfield.  


     I hope to see you there!


     We always have a good time:  rain or shine!  





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     I can break one water bottle throwed in the air!


     How, you ask?


     We're under the roof tomorrow but we're gonna break water bottles!  We have Mike's launcher bolted to a chair!  :lol:


     No test runs so keep yer fangers crossed!


     This just in:  The temperature for tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-forties.  It's gonna be chilly!  :o





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